Link your Council Tax account

To view your Council Tax account, link it to your account. To do this:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select the Register link in the Council Tax section.

    Register for a council tax account

    Register with Council Tax by selecting the Register link.

  3. You will need your Council Tax account number. This is in the top right hand corner of your paper bill.

    Council tax reference image

    The account reference number is in the top right hand side of your Council Tax bill.

    Your Council Tax account number is:

    • Eight characters long
    • Starts with 8 or 9, and
    • Ends with a number or 'x'
    • Ignore any hyphens (-)

    If you are new to Wandsworth and do not have an account number, tell us you have moved into Wandsworth.

  4. You will need to know the method of last Council Tax payment.

View details of your Council Tax account

Select the View link within the Council Tax section.

View council tax example

Select "View" link to view your Council Tax Account.

You will be able to view your account summary including:

  • Total balance outstanding
  • Instalment amounts
  • Payment due dates
  • Your property band 

Activity history

If you have linked your Council Tax account to your account, you can view your activity history at the bottom of the page.

View your activity history

Problems linking your account?

If you paid in the last 48 hours, this might not show on your account yet - allow 48 hours after making a payment before linking your account.

If you paid more than 48 hours ago, check you have chosen the correct method of the last payment.