Appeal against your rateable value

You can appeal against the rateable value of your property that applies from 1 April 2017, for the following reasons:

  • If you think the value is too high
  • If there has been a change to its structure, use, or the surrounding environment.

Any change will be backdated to the date the list was complied or to the date of any alteration to the list.

Paying your Business Rates bill

Please note that should you appeal you cannot withhold payment of your Business Rates bill either in full or part.

This is because we are required to pay our contributions to the national pool on a monthly basis.

If there is any shortfall in collection we have to borrow the money to pay these contributions.

However, if your appeal is successful and you have paid too much in Business Rates, you can claim a refund.

Also, provided we have not had to take you to court to recover unpaid Business Rates, you will be entitled to interest on your overpayment.

How to make an appeal

If you want to make an appeal, or want to know when your appeal will be dealt with, you can contact the Valuation Office Agency: