No cold calling scheme

The no cold calling scheme: 

  • Is helpful in deterring cold callers, unscrupulous or otherwise, and gives residents the confidence to turn them away. These can include distraction burglars and/or rogue/bogus traders who are known to target elderly or vulnerable people's homes
  • Can relate to a group of houses, a whole road or a group of roads
  • Is identified by street signs and window stickers

The no cold calling scheme was first deployed in Wandsworth Borough in 2007. As part of the scheme each household is given an information sheet and a window sticker stating they are in a 'No Cold Calling Zone'. In addition to this, street signs are erected on the lampposts in the area of the zone.

The initial scheme in West Putney covered approximately 600 households in which many elderly people lived. The scheme was a success and identified a bogus caller in the very first week who claimed to be from Television Licensing Authority. 

After the resident reported the incident we contacted Television Licensing who confirmed the caller as bogus. A description of the bogus caller and his method was then circulated to Trading Standards and the Police.

Subsequent evaluation of the scheme indicated a reduction in cold calling and increased the proportion of residents who felt safer in their homes - at which point the zone was made permanent.

The current scheme

The current scheme encompasses:

Dover House Road Zone

  • Huntingfield Road
  • Swinburne Road
  • Gibbon Walk
  • Hawkesbury Road
  • Putney Park Lane (part of)
  • Pleasance Road (part of)
  • The Pleasance
  • Dover House Road (part of)


  • Cowick Road (part of)
  • Lessingham Avenue (part of)
  • Coteford Street (part of)
  • Ruislip Street 
  • Mayford Road 

St Benedicts Estate

  • St Benedict's Close
  • Limetree Walk
  • Carlysle Way 

Southfields Triangle

  • Granville Road (part of)
  • Wincanton Road
  • Hambledon Road
  • Gatwick Road
  • Pulborough Road
  • Wimbledon Park Road (part of) 

Southfields Grid

  • Astonville Street
  • Tretham Street
  • Elborough Street
  • Engadine Street
  • Clonmore Street
  • Heythorp Street
  • Elsenham Street
  • Brookwood Road
  • Lavenham Road

    (added in 2015)
  • Balvernie Grove
  • Smeaton Road
  • Longfield Street
  • The Baulk
  • Lainson Street 

Sisters Avenue

  • Sisters Avenue
  • Marjorie Grove
  • Thirsk Road
  • Longbeach Road

Tonsley Hill

  • Tonsley Place
  • Tonsley Street
  • Tonsley Road
  • Tonsley Hill
  • Fullerton Road
  • Ebner Street
  • Coleford Road
  • Alma Road
  • Dempster Road
  • Dighton Road
  • Birdhurst Road
  • Ballantine Street
  • Podmore Road
  • Dalby Road
  • Bramford Road
  • Old York Road
  • Lovetts Place
  • Lancaster Mews
  • Morel Street
  • Edgel Street
  • Longbeach Road

Emerald Square

  • Emerald Square (off Roehampton Lane)