How to report hate crime

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Anybody can be a victim of hate crime. A hate crime or hate incident occurs when somebody is harassed or attacked because of who they are.

Hate crime is never right, should never be accepted and it is important to report all hate crime incidents. Reporting it may prevent it happening again to you or someone else. 

To the police

  • In an emergency: call 999 
  • For non-emergency: call 101 
  • If you prefer to speak to an officer in person, you can visit any police station to report hate crime
  • Report hate crime online on the Metropolitan Police website

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True Vision

True Vision is a national police scheme to help victims of hate crime report the incident and get the help and advice they need. If you don’t want to report directly to the police, True Vision offers an online reporting form for the victims and witnesses of hate crime. You can specify how you want to be contacted and if contacting you would cause you any difficulties. However, it is important to note that the investigation may be limited if the police cannot contact you.

Council tenants

If you are being subjected to hate crime or antisocial behaviour by another tenant, you should contact your Estate Manager or Area Team to make them aware of the issue.

  • Central Area: 020 8871 5333
  • Eastern Area: 020 8871 7439
  • Southern Area: 020 8871 7288

If you do not know which Area Team manages your property:

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