Energy rebate payments

To help with rising energy costs, the Government announced that eligible households in Council Tax bands A-D (or in band E and qualifying for the disabled band reduction) would receive a one-off £150 'energy rebate payment'. This would be payable to the person liable for Council Tax and would not have to be repaid. This was known as the 'mandatory energy rebate scheme'.

This is not the same as the government £400 Energy Support Scheme, which is administered by your energy supplier and not the local authority.

View the government energy rebate flyer

The deadline to apply for the payment to be made direct to a designated bank account has now passed.

Instead, all eligible households in bands A-D who did not apply for their energy rebate payment, have been credited with the £150 directly to their Council Tax account. We are in the process of writing to all those households to let them know.

Managing your £150 credit

You are able to request a refund of this £150, or use the credit towards your Council Tax bill.

Find out more about £150 credit

About the scheme

Details about the energy rebate payment scheme.


You will qualify for the £150 energy rebate payment if:

  • You were liable for Council Tax as one of the persons named on the bill on 1 April 2022


  • Your property is in Council Tax Bands A to D (or in Band E and qualify for the disabled band reduction) and is occupied as someone's sole or main residence (the energy rebate should not be claimed for unoccupied or second homes)


  • Your property is not a house in multiple occupation HMO (occupied by multiple households occupying separate, secure bedsits, whilst sharing communal areas), as these do not qualify for the rebate

And either

  • You are not exempt from paying Council Tax


  • You do not pay Council Tax due to one of the following exemptions:
    • Your property is occupied solely by students (Class N)
    • Your property is occupied only by a person, or persons under 18 (Class S)
    • Your property is occupied by people who are severely mentally impaired (Class U)
    • Your property is an annexe occupied by a dependant relative (Class W)


  • You do not pay full Council Tax because you are in receipt of means tested Council Tax Reduction

We urge residents not to email or telephone to ask about the energy rebate at this time as this will impact on our ability to make these important payments as quickly as we can.

How the rebate will appear in your bank account

If your energy rebate payment was paid into a designated bank account, it would have appeared on your bank statement as from 'LB Wandsworth'.

Notes for recipients

In taking receipt of this payment you are doing so on behalf of all occupants of the property.

Wandsworth Council reserves the right to reclaim any payments made if incorrectly awarded.

Discretionary energy rebate scheme

Funding was also set aside for local authorities to support households not eligible for the mandatory scheme but in need of help with their energy bills. This is known as the discretionary scheme.

Frequently asked questions

Read our frequently asked questions about the energy rebate payment.

Scam warning

We will not telephone non-Direct Debit payers to ask for bank details. Please do not provide your bank details over the phone.


For any enquiries regarding the energy rebate, email