Pest control prices and reductions

There is a 40% reduction for those on means tested benefits for treatment of rats, mice and bedbugs. See the eligibility criteria for further information.

If you are a council tenant, contact your area's housing team first as they will pay for certain treatments.

If you are a private tenant, find out how to deal with pests in private rented properties.

Organisations and businesses

Organisations and businesses in private residential dwellings can pay by invoice. There is an additional charge of £10 per invoice. Commercial contracts will be invoiced.

2022 prices

In effect from Saturday 1 January 2022.

Pest Charge  Charge for benefit recipients*  Details 
Rats  £134  £80 2 visits plus bait box collection
Mice  £150  £90 2 visits plus bait box collection
Cockroaches  £268  No reduction 3 treatments
Bedbugs - 1 or 2 bedrooms  £268  £161 2 treatments
Bedbugs - 3 or more bedrooms  £538  £322 2 treatments
Fleas  £149  No reduction 1 treatment
Squirrels  £134  No reduction Loft area only - 1 visit trap placement, 1 visit collection**
Wasps (private)  £79  No reduction 1 treatment***
Clothes moths - 1 or 2 bedrooms  £324  No reduction 2 treatments
Clothes moths - 3 or more bedrooms  £647  No reduction 2 treatments 
Stored product insect  £123  No reduction 1 treatment, kitchens only
Tropical ants  £360  No reduction 3 treatments
Garden ants  £149  No reduction 1 treatment

*There is a 40% reduction for those on means tested benefits. Find out more about price reductions.

**Squirrels: We only provide treatments to control squirrels in loft areas. We will give advice on proofing but we cannot undertake any proofing work.

*** Wasp nests: Cost is for nests at low level (first floor eve's level) or is safely accessible from a boarded attic. Nests above first floor level require a survey - a service charge will still apply. We will give you a quote if access equipment is required. We do not remove the nests or treat nests that do not cause a problem.

Make an enquiry

Find out how to request and pay for a pest control treatment.

Terms and conditions

Treatments must be completed within 4 months. Payment must be made upfront by debit or credit card at the time of booking.

We charge for all types of treatment, including communal areas of residential properties such as:

  • Staircases
  • Lifts
  • Bin areas
  • Communal gardens