What to do when flooding occurs

Parts of Wandsworth are at risk of flooding from the rivers Wandle, Graveney, Thames and the Beverley Brook.

In all circumstances when a major incident occurs in the borough your first action should be to contact the emergency services by telephoning 999.

Our own 24 hour emergency control can be contacted on 020 8871 7490.

The Emergency Planning unit is available from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm at emergencyplanning@wandsworth.gov.uk  or 020 8871 5747.

Flood warnings

The environment agency issue warnings and alerts depending on the presumed severity of the flooding.

Flood mapping

Using historical flood data the Environment Agency have produced maps that show Flood Zones within the Borough.

Many of these zones now benefit from flood defences such as the Thames Barrier, raised embankments, weirs and sluices.

Use our maps to see if your property falls within one of the Environment Agency Flood Zones. See more information about flood zones.


The ultimate responsibility for protecting a private business or residence lies with the owner of that property. We do not normally provide sandbags, but will consider requests from vulnerable people (such as the elderly or those with medical conditions) on an individual basis. If you are eligible, telephone our 24 hour Emergency Control on 020 8871 7490.

If you are not eligible, you will be able to buy sandbags from your local builders merchant or DIY store, but they can be heavy and difficult to store. Plastic sacking filled with soil or sand, grow bags, or specific flood protection products are recommended alternatives. The National Flood Forum Blue Pages’ list suppliers and manufacturers of flood defence products. 

Blocked drain, culvert or gully

If the drain or culvert or gully is located on your own property, it is your responsibility to clear it.

If it is located on a red route road then it is the responsibility of Transport for London; contact TfL on 0343 222 1234 and dial option 5.

If it is on any other road it is our responsibility. You can report blocked drains and gullies online or by using our 'Report It' app.


Thames Water are responsible for main sewers. Visit the Thames Water website or telephone 0845 920 0800.

Further advice on advanced preparation and recovery around flooding