Contract award for homecare services for adults with support needs

Wandsworth Borough Council has recently awarded eight new contracts to providers to deliver homecare services to people who live in the borough of Wandsworth.

Homecare is a key social care support service, which enables people with assessed eligible social care needs to remain living as independently as possible for as long as possible, in their own home. The care and support provided may include help with personal care, support within the home and support with accessing community activities.

The new Homecare service contracts have been awarded to:

  1. Absolute Care Services Limited
  2. Care Outlook Limited
  3. CRG Homecare
  4. Haven Care Limited
  5. London Care Limited
  6. MiHomecare Limited
  7. Supreme Care Services Limited
  8. Westminster Homecare Limited

The new contracts will provide homecare services to local people on behalf of the Council for the next six years, commencing this summer 2019.

The aim of the new service contract is to support people to maximise their independence, putting people in control of how they choose to live and of how their care is delivered.  Consequently, residents will receive more flexible care services from their care provider.

Transferring residents care packages to the new providers will take at least 6 months to complete and will be approached in a number of phases. The Council will work with current and new providers, service users, carers, and next of kin, to make sure the transfer of services takes place safely and with minimum disruption.

Letters will be sent to all service users notifying them of the changes and letting them know the name of their new homecare provider.  It will also provide information about how people can arrange their own care and support using a Direct Payment.

It is the Council’s absolute priority to manage the transitional process very carefully.

If you have any further queries, please contact the Quality Assurance and Contract Monitoring Team on 020 8831 6446 or email