COVID-19 vaccine information for Adult Social Care staff

COVID-19 vaccine

If you are an Adult Social Care provider and have yet to receive information on how to access COVID-19 vaccinations for your staff please email and we will send you the relevant information.

All frontline health and social care workers are being offered the COVID-19 vaccine which will help protect you against the COVID-19 disease.

Other relevant information:

Consent forms and letters for care home residents:

COVID-19: the green book, chapter 14a - updated 5 December 2020.

London ADASS Big Promise film

London ADASS have put together a film to promote uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine by Managing Directors and Chief Execs of home care providers within London.


Learning disability vaccine information pack and resources

The NHS have put together a COVID-19 learning disability vaccine information pack and resources for providers.

COVID-19 vaccine – second dose requirement

Adult social care staff are advised by the SWL vaccination programme to return to the same place they received their first vaccine for their second dose.

Read the letter from the SWL vaccination programme.

Religious information to encourage uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine

Jewish community

The Conference of European Rabbis has released a position statement.

Muslim community

The British Islamic Medical Association have written statements on the COVID-19 Vaccine: ‘We Recommend the Oxford Astra-Zeneca COVID Vaccine for eligible individuals in Muslim Communities’ and ‘We recommend the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for eligible at-risk individuals in Muslim Communities.’

Fasting (Ramadan)

The British Islamic Medical Association ‘Fasting and Covid Vaccinations’ Q&A document states that receiving a COVID-19 vaccine does not invalidate the fast and includes useful advice for fasting patients and adverse effects following vaccination.

Halal certification
There is no information on Halal certification for the AstraZeneca vaccine.

However, the British Islamic Medical Association has released a position statement.

Tips for vaccinating people with Dementia

Providers can find a helpful leaflet on vaccinating people with Dementia by Dementia UK.

Vaccination of frontline social care workers

Read letter from the Department of Health & Social to employers regarding support for frontline social care workers to receive their COVID-19 vaccination

How the COVID-19 vaccine was developed

Watch the video by Public Health England about the quick development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

NHS COVID-19 information

The NHS have complied an updated FAQ document on what you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine and pulls together some of the key questions being raised about the vaccine.

What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccines (NHS)

The guide for older adults explains about the COVID-19 vaccination, who is eligible and who needs to have the vaccine to protect them from coronavirus.

COVID-19 vaccination: a guide for older adults

COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Handbook

The University of Bristol have created a helpful handbook to arm people with practical tips combined with the very latest information and evidence to talk reliably about the vaccines, constructively challenge associated myths, and allay fears.

View COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Handbook

South West London CCG Vaccine Webinars

Watch recent COVID-19 vaccine Q&A webinars hosted by South West London CCG.

COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A session for Care Homes with Dr Agnelo Fernandes

Webinar on women's fertility and COVID vaccination

Watch Dr Agnelo Fernandes and Dr Aditi Shah, and listen to Vanessa Vyapooree talking about her experience of COVID-19.

This webinar focus on allergies and health conditions with Dr Paul Riley and Dr Vasa Gnanapragasam