Coronavirus (Covid-19) information

We know that the coronavirus outbreak is of deep concern to everyone and that this is a difficult time for the residents and communities of Wandsworth that we provide services to. We are working hard to limit disruption to the Council’s housing services as far as possible but residents will appreciate that there are measures that must be taken to minimise the spread of the virus and  that we must make plans to deal with events such as changed working arrangements and possible staff absence.

Housing receptions

Both housing receptions (Putney Bridge Road and the Western area office) are operating normal opening hours but with many considerably fewer staff each day, as most staff are now working from home. At both receptions, we are only able to see residents where there is an emergency which requires an immediate response or those with a prearranged appointment.

Appointments will only be arranged if they are essential. If you attend without an appointment and it is not an emergency it will not be possible to see you and you will be asked to make contact by email or phone instead, as detailed below.

  • If you are a council tenant or leaseholder and need to speak to your area housing team, please contact your estate manager on the number you already have for them or contact the area team using the details on our contact page
  • If you need to make an appointment with someone from the housing advice and allocations service to discuss homelessness or rehousing, please email to request an appointment providing your name, contact telephone number, address plus postcode and the reason you are requesting an appointment. Emails are checked daily and someone will contact you to discuss as soon as possible.

Please note, wherever possible appointments will be conducted over the telephone to minimise contact as required by public health direction.

If you are given an appointment at either reception please try to avoid travelling on public transport to attend it. Please be mindful that the Government is encouraging social distancing to stop the spread of the virus which includes avoiding crowded spaces such as trains or buses as far as possible.

Staff are taking necessary precautions to avoid the spread of infection including regular handwashing and keeping a safe distance from people.

If you are due to attend an appointment in reception and you or anyone in your household is showing symptoms of coronavirus, please contact the council to advise that you will not be attending due to self-isolation.

Repairs and maintenance

All non-essential contact should be avoided meaning that residents should expect only urgent, essential repairs to be carried out at this time. This includes:

  • Serious leak / flooding
  • Loss of power or other service
  • Dangerous window
  • Insecure front entrance door
  • Anything else which represents an immediate health or security risk

Visits by contractors and council officers

Visits by housing officers and contractors will only be undertaken if considered to be essential at this time. This includes:

  • Contractors visiting to carry out urgent, essential repairs as detailed above
  • Officers visiting to consider whether a resident requires an urgent move out of their home

If you are due to have a contractor or council officer visit and anyone in your household is showing symptoms of coronavirus, you must contact your area team as soon as possible to inform them.

All council staff will be requesting confirmation before entering anyone’s home that all members of the household are currently symptom-free.

Staff are taking necessary precautions to avoid the spread of infection including regular handwashing and keeping a safe distance from people.

Estate and block cleaning

Block and estate cleaning is continuing with cleaners paying particular attention to common parts of blocks such as door handles, push plates, call panels etc. ensuring that these are cleaned thoroughly regularly.

More information including what to do if you feel unwell

You can find more information and advice about coronavirus on the NHS website. The page is being updated regularly and is the best place to go for the latest health information.

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