Tree planting in private gardens

We have produced a step-by-step guide to tree planting in private gardens for Wandsworth residents.

Trees suitable for gardens

Judas Tree (Cercis Siliquastrum)

A small tree with rosy-lilac flowers which make a fine display in May and purple-tinted seed pods from July.

Snowy Mespil (Amelanchier Laevis)

A small tree bearing racemes of star-shaped flowers in spring. Autumn colours vary fromĀ carlet to deep red.

Snake-Bark Maples (Acer species)

Most common maples are too large for ordinary gardens but the snake-bark maples are worth considering for their striped stems and autumn colour. Acer Capillipes, Acer Davidii and Acer Hersii are worth looking for.

Sheerwater Seedling (Sorbus species)

Golden Wonder (Sorbus species)

More information

For more information on tree planting in private gardens, contact our Arboricultural Team.

Wandsworth Council's Arboricultural Team
Wandsworth Common Depot
Dorlcote Road
SW18 3RT

Telephone: 020 3959 0070