Wandsworth Local Fund application process

The Wandsworth Local Fund will be allocated through a bi-annual application process in 2021.

When the fund opens, ward members are informed via email and have approximately two months to work with community groups and Council services to complete the application form. Information will also be provided on the website and via a press release.

Wave 11 applications

Wave 11 is open:

  • From Monday 11 October until¬†Sunday 7 November 2021 for expressions of interest
  • From Monday 8 November 2021 until Monday 10 January 2022 for applications

Application stages

The application process is two stages.

Stage 1

All applicants must submit an expression of interest. This process will be open for three weeks and a response will be issued before the application process opens. 

Stage 2

Successful stage one applicants will be invited to complete the application form.

Stakeholder list

We are also building a stakeholder list consisting of groups and organisations within the borough who would like to be informed when the rounds of funding are open. If you would like to be added to this list, please send your contact details and the name of the group you are representing to WLF@wandsworth.gov.uk.

Decision timescales

The time it takes to make a decision depends upon the committee cycles and dates for Overview and Scrutiny meetings. We aim to have a decision within 12 to 14 weeks of the application closing date.