Wandsworth Local Fund selection criteria

The following criteria have been developed in consultation with ward Councillors and the borough community. When submitting an expression of interest, please take into account the following application criteria. Your application:

  1. Must address the impact of major development resulting in an increased number of people living in, or using your local area, and be for community benefit
  2. Must not have any ongoing revenue implications for the Council, in terms of further grant
  3. Must be able to be started within the year ahead, beginning at the point at which the application is successful
  4. Should be requesting £20,000 or over – applications less than £20,000 will be considered if they demonstrate significant benefit to the community and are not eligible for the Wandsworth Grant Fund
  5. Show evidence of match funding (including volunteer time, in kind)
  6. Represent value for money: Impact a project will have and the difference it makes to the local community
  7. Detail how the project will add social value to the area in terms of employing residents/volunteers/supporting local businesses;

Climate change applications

In line with our commitment to tackle climate change we particularly welcome applications with a Climate change and sustainability focus. For example, relating to energy efficiency, air quality, water management, urban greening and open spaces, planning and sustainable development and sustainable transport.

Read our Environment and Sustainability Strategy.