The London Borough of Wandsworth Community Trust

In spring 2021 we consulted on proposals to introduce a Voluntary Contribution Scheme, which was backed by 69% of respondents.

About the Wandsworth Community Trust

Wandsworth has the lowest average Council Tax in the country and we recognise that many residents would like the chance to do more to help make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people within our borough. A new charitable trust, independent from the Council, will be created to provide the opportunity for individuals to donate and fund initiatives which promote local priorities, such as supporting children and young people, improving parks and green spaces, and addressing mental and physical health needs.

Trustees will select priority areas which will be guided by resident input and regularly reviewed. The Community Trust will distribute raised funds to local organisations and initiatives that support these priorities.

Councillor Kim Caddy said:

“I’m proud of our record of keeping council tax as low as it can be in Wandsworth and our residents know that in living here, they pay the lowest average council tax in the country while still receiving high quality services.

However, what the pandemic has taught us is the amazing community spirit we have in Wandsworth and we knew that there was a desire from some residents to have a mechanism in place that would allow them to pay a little more to help others who are suffering at this difficult time. It is really heartening to see this sense of community across the whole borough. I think by keeping our council tax bills at affordable levels, it helps create the circumstances that allow this sort of generosity and community spirit to flourish.”

Watch Cllr Kim Caddy talking about the Wandsworth Community Trust:


Donations are entirely voluntary and anyone in the borough will be able to donate if they wish. We will be writing directly to those residents who live in Council Tax Band G and H properties. This group of residents expressed the most support for the scheme in the spring 2021 consultation to invite donations.

Following approval from the Executive in July 2021, the Community Trust is a work in progress, with officers assisting with the creation of the charitable Trust. It is hoped the first fundraising appeal will be launched in early 2022. This page will be updated as the scheme progresses.

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