Safeguarding vulnerable adults – response to media coverage

Published: Friday, March 1, 2019

Wandsworth Council takes very seriously the case of Dr Allin-Khan's father and, along with the police, has carried out thorough investigations into this matter. These investigations have proven to be inconclusive and the council appreciates how frustrating and upsetting that must be for Dr Allin-Khan and her family.

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The issues she has raised in the House Of Commons are important ones and it is quite right that the council should be open to challenge and scrutiny. Safeguarding issues are something we take very seriously and in this case the council has been liaising closely with Dr Allin-Khan and her family.

The council needs to clarify an allegation made in the House Of Commons regarding Liz Bruce, Wandsworth Council's Director for Adult Social Services, in respect of Dr Allin-Khan's father that "he had asked for it".

Mrs Bruce did not use these words about Mr Khan.

The council reiterates that it has strong confidence in Mrs Bruce's professionalism and handling of this case.

In line with the Minister’s statement to the House Of Commons, an outcome meeting with Mr Khan’s family is being arranged.