Why I love Wandsworth libraries

Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2019

In the latest of our series of chats as part of our #gettoknowyourlibrary campaign, we meet Andree Rushton, secretary of the Friends of Putney Library.

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I live around the corner and I’ve used this library for about 40 years. Putney Library is very well located, right in the heart of things. That’s very important. And for me it’s a place I can borrow books which is also important. But it’s also good for people to use computers who might not have one and it’s great for children. It offers different things to people of different ages and different stages of their life.

More people should use their local library because it’s a community hub – or it should become a community hub to bring people in so they could meet others with similar interests. People can borrow books and music – there’s always been a music library here – and use all the facilities that a library have to offer. And it’s all free!

When I was a child you had to be very quiet when you were in a library but you don’t feel that now. It’s more relaxed.

The Friends of Putney Library has been going since 2013 and I’ve been there from the start. We have a small steering group which, at the moment, is nine people, and I suppose our aim is to protect and enhance the role of the library in the community – basically, to get more people into the library.

It was really with that in mind that we set up a steering group and we had a launch meeting and ever since then we’ve been working on two fronts: one is to organise events to bring people into the library – children’s and mostly adults events and talks. That’s the main part of our activity. And alongside that we’ve been holding meetings with library and council staff over the years talking about various issues and problems with the library – for example the reorganisation of the space downstairs. We also have a mailing list with coming up to 250 people on it.

To sign up to the mailing list email: friendsofputneylibrary@gmail.com There is no charge for membership or for any of the Friends’ events.

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