Work begins on cycling contraflow scheme in Roehampton

Published: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Works are about to get underway that will enable cyclists to take a short cut along Roehampton High Street.

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A cycling contraflow scheme is being introduced in the high street which will allow cyclists to travel in both directions along this quiet one-way street. 

The contraflow will apply in Roehampton High Street from its junction with Dover House Road to Roehampton Lane.

The decision to proceed with the scheme follows positive feedback from a public consultation and successful pilot schemes in other parts of the borough.

The route will form part of Transport for London’s Quietway 21 (Q21) which links Wandsworth Common to Teddington.

Additional signage and carriageway markings will be introduced along with a mandatory cycle lane on the approach to Roehampton Lane.

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “This scheme is part of a wider package of measures designed to encourage people to take to two wheeled travel. There are clear and obvious health and air quality benefits if we can get more residents to take up this non-polluting form of transport.

“Introducing convenient short-cuts for cyclists on quieter roads with low traffic volumes is just one of the ways we are encouraging higher levels of bike travel in the borough.”

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