Keep the thank you messages coming

Published: Friday, April 17, 2020

Thank you to everyone who has sent in messages of support to our waste crews – all the refuse collectors, street cleaners, fly-tip removal crews and parks police, to name just a few of the men and women, who play such an important part in keeping our borough clean and safe during the coronavirus crisis.

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We spoke to one refuse collector, Scott Forrester, who  expressed his personal thanks for all the messages of support especially when the crews were out collecting rubbish on Good Friday and Easter Monday, “It’s lovely to see people coming out, giving us thank you cards and waving, as well as more chocolates than we can possibly eat.”

He is typical of our dedicated waste crews who are out every week; keeping the borough running, so we would like to continue thanking all our bin men and women by writing them personal messages to leave out with your rubbish and recycling.

We’re encouraging kids to get creative with thank you notes. They can write, draw or paint messages on waste-paper and card and attach them to recycling bags when they are put out on bin day.

Parents are encouraged to upload their children’s handiworks to social media.

  • Post thank you messages to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Use the #MyWandsworth #ThankYou hashtags

“Our refuse crews are the real unsung heroes of the COVID crisis, and I know we’re all immensely grateful to them,” said Cllr Steffi Sutters, cabinet member for community services and open spaces.

“Many of you have already given them messages of support, which are displayed at Serco’s depot. We’ll be sharing these on twitter, so please keep them coming for everyone to see.

“I even heard of people giving Easter eggs over the weekend, which was lovely.”

Help the bin crews – don’t have a clear out
Throughout the crisis, normal rubbish and recycling collections will be continuing as normal. However, in line with government guidance regarding social distancing the Smugglers Way and Cringle Street waste facilities are closed to residents until further notice. Help us keep waste to a minimum Also, while you are being asked to stay at home, there are some important things you can do to help,

  • Bulky waste and garden waste collections have been temporarily paused until further notice. Please don’t ‘clear out’ your homes or leave any bulky waste items for collection. Store your items in your homes for collection until the day that restrictions are lifted.
  • Don’t put garden waste out. For tips on composting check out the council’s website for further information
  • If you have symptoms of coronavirus (a new continuous cough and/or high temperature) double-bag personal waste that may be contaminated, such as tissues and disposable cloths – i.e. bag it and then put inside another plastic bag, and keep separate from other waste in your home. Make sure to keep in your house for 72 hours before leaving it out for collection.