Crackdown on flytippers and litter louts

Published: Thursday, July 23, 2020

No one likes a fly-tipper, which is why Wandsworth Council is running a CCTV appeal to catch litter louts in the act.

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It’s not acceptable, which is why Wandsworth Council publishes CCTV footage of people illegally dumping mattresses, sofas and other rubbish on its YouTube channel, asking local residents to give them any information they have about fly-tippers featured in the videos.

Caught on Camera – do you recognise anyone?

Email with the reference number if you recognise anyone in the video of people dumping rubbish on Mellison Road, Tooting.

Councillor Steffi Sutters, environment spokesman said, “the majority of people clear up their rubbish properly, put it out on collection day and don’t drop litter. I’d like to thank you all very much for that because during the COVID pandemic I know that our services have been strained.

“But there will always be those who think it’s ok to drop litter and dump rubbish. It’s not. No one likes rubbish on our streets. No one likes litter in our town centres. And no one likes people leaving litter in the parks because they can’t be bothered to take it home.

“To tackle this, we need your help. Please watch, share and let us know if you recognise anyone in the ‘Caught on Camera’ videos. Together we can clamp down on those who ruin it for everyone else.”

Report fly-tip offenders

Remember, you don’t need to see the ‘Caught on Camera’ videos to report fly-tip offenders. You can also report an incident by telling us what you saw or sending a picture in.

Tell us:

  • The circumstances, e.g. if you saw the fly-tipping, the date and time it took place and a description of any vehicles involved, plus registration number.
  • Take a picture of the incident, making sure you don’t put yourself or others at risk to do this.
  • The location: side of the road, back alleyway, railway embankment, in a river, and whether it was on private or council land.
  • The amount and type of waste, e.g. a few bags of rubbish, a fridge, a sofa.

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