Together we recycle – thank you for doing your bit

Published: Monday, September 28, 2020

The theme for Recycle Now’s 17th annual Recycle Week is to thank everyone in Wandsworth for continuing to recycle despite all that has happened this year.

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Serco bin man, Scott Forrester, talking about all the fantastic support from the public back in April this year.

Recycling in Wandsworth

Statistics released by Recycle Now show that through lockdown the UK has become even more environmentally aware, with nearly 9 in 10 households saying they ‘regularly recycle’. Coming out of lockdown, more people are prepared to change their lifestyles to help the environment: 73 per cent, up from 68 per cent in 2019. And an amazing 93 per cent of UK households say they believe that ‘everyone has a responsibility to help towards cleaning up the environment’.

“It’s fantastic to see that despite everything that has been thrown at them this year, more people than ever in Wandsworth are taking responsibility for protecting the environment by doing their bit, whether it’s to organise a community clean-up or make sure they recycle” said Cllr Steffi Sutters, cabinet member for community services.

“The challenge going forward is to capitalise on what’s been achieved. Our MyWandsworth campaign is about just that, to pull together and keep recycling, whilst keeping the borough litter free and at its best.”

Earlier this year, you may remember we caught up with one of the unsung heroes who kept the borough going during lockdown.

Serco refuse collector, Scott Forester, said back in April, about all the wonderful messages of support the team received, “It’s beautiful, it’s really, really nice. We’ve kept everything, and at the yard we’ve got a wall just full of all the messages and pictures, and even little scribbles.

“It’s lovely – it’s like Christmas. It makes it worth doing again. People have been treating us like the NHS, they come out and give us a little round of applause, say hello, say thanks you, it has been quite nice.”

Cllr Steffi Sutters, cabinet member for community services added, “throughout lockdown Wandsworth’s waste crews really did an amazing job, to keep rubbish and recycling collections running as normal.”

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