Don’t be a Covid spreader this weekend

Published: Friday, August 28, 2020

Wandsworth residents are being urged to remember social distancing rules this bank holiday weekend, as infections among young people contribute to a rise in the borough’s Covid rate.

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Figures show that people under 40 – especially those in their 20s – have led to the uptick in cases in Wandsworth. This week there were 51 cases compared to 27 last week.

They are reminded that the government’s social distancing rules still apply and they must not gather in large groups. Outside, including in borough parks, only six people from different households or support bubble can meet. The guidance is available to read online.

We have been speaking to some of the borough’s young people about how they are keeping Covid-safe. In the video below they urge their peers to be responsible and follow their lead in helping to curb the spread of infection by social distancing.

“If you are young I understand that you want to meet your friends, and that your chances of being seriously ill from Covid are slight,” said Cllr Melanie Hampton, cabinet member for adult social care and health.

“But after your picnic or party you could be coming into contact with dozens of people who are vulnerable – on the bus, in a shop or people that you live with. You may not even notice you even have the disease, but I can assure you if an elderly person or someone with a long-term health condition catches it off you, then they probably will.  

“We’ve all seen the news reports of the rise in cases in Europe, and we must do all we can to prevent that from happening here. We all went through so much during the lockdown to get this disease under control, we mustn’t allow numbers to creep up again by becoming complacent about social distancing.

“Keep your distance, wash your hands, wear a mask in shops and on public transport and avoid large gatherings. Let’s work together and protect each other.”