Wandsworth welcomes exam decision

Published: Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Wandsworth Council’s cabinet member for education and children’s service has welcomed the decision to award A-Level and GCSE grades based on centre-assessed grades. 

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Cllr Will Sweet said the decision would be well-received by Wandsworth’s teachers and young people.  

The qualifications, examinations and assessments regulator Ofqual has announced that exam results will be based on centre-assessed grades, unless the standardised grade is higher. 

Cllr Sweet said: ThIs week’s decision means that our headteachers and their staff can prioritise supporting those affected to contact first choice universities. 

“It will also enable them to focus on the safe return of all children in September, a key factor in the councils Smart Growth recovery plan. We have been working closely with schools to enable this to happen, and are absolutely committed to ensuring our young people can resume their schooling.  

“We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure students can access their first-choice university places and will be supporting our schools to make sure our young people do not miss out on the opportunities they have worked so hard for.