MyWandsworth report fly-tipping

If you see someone dumping rubbish, let us know, and our enforcement team will investigate.


How to report a fly-tip offender

If you see someone dumping litter or fly-tipping, we need as much information as possible to help us prosecute the offenders:

  • Tell us what you saw: where, when and a description of the fly-tip/incident, along with a description of anyone involved.
  • A description and/or the name and addresses of the people involved and the actual location would also be helpful.
  • Try and film or photograph the incident, ideally with a date and time stamp. But please don’t put yourself or others at risk. The higher res the picture, the better.
  • We need to know what sort of rubbish has been dumped – the amount and type of waste e.g. a few bags of rubbish, a fridge or a sofa.
  • If relevant make a note of the vehicle registration number and a description of the vehicle.

Report fly-tipping

You can also request street cleaning and report cleaning issues.