Fairfield residents speak up at Let’s Talk

Published: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Residents from Fairfield ward got the chance to speak to councillors and officers about issues in their area last night at the latest Let’s Talk meeting.

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The meeting at St Anne’s Church Community Hall, was chaired by Cllr Will Sweet, with a panel of three other councillors including Cllr Piers McCausland, Cllr Rory O’Broin, and Cllr Jo Rigby, answering questions from residents.

Councillors were also able to give updates on improvements to Wandsworth Town Station, work taking place on the old burial ground in Wandsworth Town, and the upgrade of Wandsworth Bridge which will start in March.

Among other issues discussed were problems with litter in Plough Terrace, pavements and gutters not being cleaned properly in Tonsley Place and overflowing bins of free newspapers and coffee cups outside Wandsworth Town Station.

Each month Let’s Talk gives the opportunity to residents to have their say and raise issues directly with their ward councillors and senior officers.

Other matters raised last night were noise from waste vehicles during the early hours, blocked drains, dog fouling, use of shops that have been boarded up and transport concerns around new housing developments

Cllr Sweet, who is a Fairfield ward councillor as well as cabinet member for education and children’s services, said: “We had an excellent meeting last night and it was great to see and chat with residents and listen to what they had to say.

“In the vast majority of cases local issues such as litter, waste collection, dog fouling can be easily addressed and we have asked officers to look into all the matters raised and to try and get them resolved as quickly as possible. More often than not this is a case of contractors not meeting the high standards we set as a council and we will go back to them and make sure they are carrying their roles properly and improving where necessary.

“We also had an interesting debate about wider issues such as housing and planning and it was very apparent how the council’s stance on climate change, and the action plan we have drawn up to tackle it, ran through a lot of the topics discussed.”

He added: “These Let’s Talk meetings are all about listening to what local people have to say, what they think about council services and us doing our best to deal with issues on a local level so that the council is doing everything it can to meet people’s needs.”

  • The next Let’s Talk meeting will take place in the Shaftesbury ward on February 18th. Full details will be posted on the council website in the coming days.