End of Lockdown Term - Thanking our Incredible Schools

Published: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Wandsworth schools are having their last day of term today before they break for summer holidays and reflect on what is likely to be one of the most unusual terms of their school careers.

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Uprooting school life has not been easy for schools, parents, students and everyone else involved in education and children’s services. 


With the help of virtual learning, video calling and a heavy stream of daily emails that others can only begin to imagine, Wandsworth schools can all be proud of achieving a successful transition to home learning during this unprecedented and difficult time.


The council wanted to take the opportunity to thank the education system for the hard work and dedication they have shown this term, for their efforts in prioritising children’s education as well as announcing an exciting summer holiday programme and climate change competition.


Cllr Will Sweet, cabinet member for education and children’s services said: “With the school term coming to a close on behalf of Wandsworth Council I wanted to take this chance to thank parents, carers children and teachers for all of their hard work during lockdown.”


“It’s also a good chance to thank everyone else across our community involved with schools and young people that have made things happen during an unprecedented time for people in Wandsworth. That includes our community and faith leaders, our cleaners, our catering staff, our IT specialists, governors, caretakers, and everybody working with children across in Wandsworth. Thank you so much for your work and everything you do.


“It’s been a difficult time, but I’ve seen incredible examples of innovation across Wandsworth and I know that that’s going to continue during the summer holidays.


“I would also like to announce the ‘Summer Unlocked 2020’ programme. This is our flagship Wandsworth Council summer holiday activity programme. It’s going to give parents and carers of some children some rest over the summer holiday but it’s also going to give some of our children in the borough a chance to catch up with their learning and enjoy themselves as well after being so patient during lockdown.


“We also have our Youth4Climate competition about to start for 12-18-year-olds in the borough and I look forward to seeing your entries soon. I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer holiday.”