Public notice - intended injunction application

Published: Thursday, June 25, 2020

TAKE NOTICE that the London Borough of Wandsworth intends to apply to the Court for an injunction order with a power of arrest in order to prohibit certain activities from taking place on the Edgecombe Hall Estate in Wandsworth.

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The full terms of the injunction being sought are set out below. The area to be covered is shown on the attached map and is called the “Prescribed Area”.

The Court is expected to hear this application for an injunction imminently. Further notices will be posted containing details of any orders made by the Court.

The Council is asking for an injunction which will prohibit any person from doing the following:

1. Organising or participating in any of the following activities in the Prescribed Area shown on the attached map marked Schedule 1:

i. unlicensed music events and/or Raves

ii. the destruction or damage of trees, shrubs, plants or any other flora, fauna, or wildlife

iii. the playing of loud amplified music

iv. the lighting of fires, stoves, barbeques and/or naked flames (with the exception of a cigarette lighter) on any equipment or entertainment device

v. the sale of alcohol or food

vi. blocking any entrance or exit to any of the buildings with the Prescribed Area by any means howsoever. For the avoidance of doubt this includes, but is not limited to fire exits.

vii. the entry of vehicles, including any engine or generator, onto any grassed or hardstanding area in the Prescribed Area which is not a designated parking bay or highway, with the exception of vehicles/engines/generators belonging to the emergency services or employees, agents or contractors of the Council.

viii. leaving litter in the Prescribed Area

The Council intends to ask for a power of arrest to be attached to the above clauses.

You can seek further information on this application, including copies of the Claim Form, Particulars of Claim, N16A application for an injunction, the N244 application notice, the draft order and power of arrest and the witness statements in support, by sending an email to

The area that would be covered by the injunction