Call for retired social workers to return to work to help vulnerable residents

Published: Thursday, March 26, 2020

Retired social workers are being urged by the council to come back to work and help support vulnerable Wandsworth residents through the Coronavirus crisis.

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Wandsworth Council is making provisions to offer seven day-a-week services, from 8am-8pm, to cope with the increased demand that’s anticipated over the coming months.

Since the start of the pandemic, local need has significantly increased and these additional pressures have meant that more qualified social workers are needed to help some of the borough’s most vulnerable residents.

A new local campaign has now been launched to recruit out-of-work social workers and invite those who have recently retired to temporarily return to work to help with the effort.

Wandsworth’s cabinet member for adult social care and health Cllr Melanie Hampton said: “We are doing everything we can to provide all the care and support that our vulnerable residents need at this difficult time. Providing this care and support is the council’s number one priority right now.

“The pandemic is putting a huge amount of pressure on our social work teams so it’s important we do everything we can to try to bring in additional resources and expertise.

“Our social workers are all doing a tremendous job and I cannot stress enough how proud I am of their efforts. But with the pandemic likely to continue for the foreseeable future we need to recruit more qualified workers to share the burden and help with workloads.

“We hope to do that by recruiting social workers who are not currently in employment and encouraging those who have recently retired to come back to work and help our community.”

Qualified care workers can find out more information about the roles available by contacting