Latest information on loss of gas supply in Tooting

Published: Thursday, March 19, 2020

*Update at 10am: Gas is now available to all of the remaining affected properties in Tooting. Read more.  




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*Update at 3.30pm: SGN aim to have most of the remaining properties still without gas reconnected to the network tonight. 

*Update at 9.30am: SGN are working in various locations across the affected areas this morning to make sure all of the remaining water and sludge which entered our network is removed. A team on-site at Strathdon Drive will be working throughout the day to replace clogged riser pipes. After they have been replaced, gas will be available to all properties in Strathdon Drive. The remaining water and sludge which is stopping gas becoming available to Fitzgerald House is being pumped out this morning, and SGN hope to have gas supplies restored to those properties later on today.

*Update at 9.30pm: There are a small number of flats within blocks in Strathdon Drive that we won't be able to restore gas supplies until tomorrow. This is because the sludge within those pipes is so significant, we're having to replace them.  Gas is now available to most properties in St George's Grove, other than Fitzgerald House. Our engineers are working through the night to carry out tests on the gas pipes which feed Fitzgerald House and we're confident that gas will be available to those remaining properties tomorrow.

*Update at 3pm: SGN are beginning to turn gas back on to some of the blocks of flats in Strathdon Drive this afternoon and are continuing to pump more water and clear sludge from pipes in St George’s Grove. If you’re still without gas and would like alternative hotel accommodation for tonight text 07490 077 649 or email customer@sgn.co.uk with the message ‘Tooting accommodation request’.

*Update at 10am: Visit the SGN website for a statement about the Tooting gas outage If you’re still without gas and would like alternative accommodation today, text on 07490 077 649 or email at customer@sgn.co.uk with the message ‘Tooting accommodation request’ so a hotel can be arranged for you.

*Update at 2.30pm: The Horton Halls’ maintenance team is the final stages of process of recommissioning all the boilers onsite. For any resident elsewhere in Tooting still without gas, SGN can offer you alternative accommodation until your supply can be restored if you wish. If they have not already spoken to you to discuss arrangements, visit the SNG customer team at Aboyne Community Clubroom or call 0800 912 1717. 

*Update at 10am: Engineers have restored gas to the pipe that feeds Horton Halls and are working with the Horton Halls’ maintenance team to recommission the boilers at the moment. Work continues around St George’s Grove to clear the sludge blocking the pipes. Elsewhere engineers are revisiting homes to turn gas supplies back on where residents were out when they previously called. The SGN team will be at Aboyne Community Centre throughout the day if you need any help or advice. 

*Update at 6.50pm: The final stages of the operation in Tooting are proving to be much more challenging than at first thought. This is due to the considerable amount of sludge that entered the network alongside the hundreds of thousands of litres of water.

*Update at 10.30am: Engineered continued to pump water out of our flooded network through the night and found another few large pockets of water. This morning their efforts will be focused on getting more of the water out, which should help them to reconnect more gas supplies throughout the day. There are still a large number of properties where they've visited to the gas back on but haven't been able to gain access. If you've received a card through your letterbox, please call so they can revisit you.

*Update at 10pm: SGN have just over 300 properties left to reconnect to their gas supply and are confident they’ll have the majority back on by the end of the weekend, including the residents of St George’s Grove and Horton Halls.

*Update at 6pm: Engineers are still working to connect some of the properties in Deeside Road, Strathdon Drive and Harper Mews. St George’s has provided the residents of Horton Halls with temporary boilers for hot water and heating while engineers continue to clear the blockage in the 140-metre section of pipe in the St George’s Grove area.

*Update at 10pm: 730 properties have been reconnected. Through the night, engineers will carry on removing water from the pipes and teams will be back out first thing in the morning to visit homes and reconnect people to their gas. On Saturday, the customer service centre will be based at Tooting Leisure Centre car park and be open from 8am for customers still without electric heaters and hotplates.

*Update at 3.30pm: Gas has now been restored to more than 700 properties. SGN still have syphon tankers in various locations across Tooting and are doing all they can to clear the remaining water and sludge as quickly as possible. Engineers will soon be starting to restore gas supplies to the first block of flats in the Aboyne Estate and are hoping to restore gas to two further blocks there in the coming hours.

Update at 10am: Gas has now been restored to more than 600 homes. Engineers are revising roads listed in previous updates, including part of Garratt Lane, to restore gas supplies for residents who were out yesterday. In addition, they are starting to turn on supplies to some homes in the Deeside Road and Aboyne Road Estate. The Customer Service team has moved to Aboyne Community Clubroom and will be there all day if you need any help or advice.

*Update at 10pm: 83,300 litres of water have been removed from the flooded pipes. Engineers will be working overnight to clear the water still trapped in areas of the network, so they can turn gas back on to more homes tomorrow.

*Update at 2.30pm: Gas has now been restored to more than 500 homes. As well as those in the 10am update, engineer have also begun turning on supplies in the following roads:

Barnfield Close, Burntwood Lane, Bramston Road, Bellew Street, Harper Mews, Huntspill Street, Keble Street, Maskell Road, Peartree Avenue, St Martin’s Way, Squarey Street, Wimbledon Road

Over the coming hours they also hope to resupply homes in part of Garratt Lane between Summerstown and Wimbledon Road. Please remember to check the ID of anyone calling at your home. All SGN engineers carry photo ID

*Update at 10am: Engineers worked overnight to remove water from the flooded network and this work is ongoing today. They hope to reconnect gas supplies to the following streets in the next few hours:

  • Aldren Road
  • Bramston Road
  • Burmester Road
  • Franche Court Road
  • Hopwood Close

There’s no need to call or book an appointment. Engineers will visit you as soon as they are able to turn your gas supply back on. If you need support visit SGN at the leisure centre or call 0800 912 1717.

*Update at 6pm: Engineers have made good progress this afternoon, removing more than 67,300 litres from flooded pipes. They are continuing to extract water from numerous locations across the affected area this evening. This involves digging down to the underground pipes and drilling into the pipe itself, so they can use syphon tankers to clear the trapped water. If you have any questions this evening or need any help, SGN staff will be at Tooting Leisure Centre until 10pm.

*Update at 3.30pm: Gas has been restored to almost 300 homes but engineers are being severely hampered by the excessive amounts of water remaining in the gas pipes. It is unlikely they will be able connect any more homes today.  Head of Operations for Southern England Steve Harger said: “As well as pumping thousands of litres of water from our flooded pipes, we’ve had to replace more than 70 metres of pipe around where the damage occurred. The repair is proving to be an exceptional and extremely complex engineering operation. I fully understand the frustrations of everyone still without gas, but please be assured our teams will continue to work round-the-clock until your gas is back on.”

*Update at 10am. Engineers worked through the night to pump water from the pipes and have restored gas supplies to 270 homes in Tooting. This morning they are focusing on removing water from two key areas of the network where water has gathered. Once they've cleared the water in these areas, it will allow them to turn gas back on to more homes. 

*Update at 10pm: Engineers have reconnected 230 properties and will be working through the night to continue removing water from the pipes. They will be back out first thing in the morning to continue visiting homes and reconnecting people to their gas. The customer service centre at Tooting Leisure Centre will reopen at 8am for people still without electric heaters and hotplates.

*Update at 6.30pm: SGN has reconnected 170 properties. They hope to be able reconnect more properties this evening as people return home from work. If you’re not home when engineers come to reconnect you they will leave a letter or card asking you to call us back. Together with the Red Cross SGN have been revisiting customers in vulnerable circumstances and making sure they have heating and cooking facilities. If you still need an electric heater or hot plate while you're without your gas supply and haven't yet got one visit at Tooting Leisure Centre to collect them before 10pm tonight.

*Update at 2pm: SGN has restarted turning on gas supplies to some properties in Tooting but is still pumping water from a number of locations within the affected area. Although engineers are able to turn some gas supplies back on, they need to remove all the water before they can reconnect everyone's supplies. Once they have cleared the water from the pipes in your street, an engineer will visit your home to carry out safety checks and turn your gas back on. It's important you don't try to turn your own gas supply back on.  You will receive compensation for the time you are without your gas supply, as agreed with the energy regulator Ofgem.

*SGN has found significantly more water trapped in gas pipes this morning. Engineers are pumping water from multiple locations as quickly as possible,but can’t continue to turn gas back on to any more homes just yet. Hopefully there will be more information on when supplies will be reconnected later this afternoon. 

*Update at 8.30am. Engineers have worked through the night continuously pumping water from the flooded gas network. This morning specialist tankers will pump out more water. The SGN team is at Tooting Leisure Centre for any support you may need. Affected residents can also continue to use the showers at the leisure centre by providing proof of your address.

*Update at 10pm. Teams will be working all night continuing to pump the remaining water. Engineers have reconnected around 50 homes and will be back first thing revisiting homes across the affected area. The SGN Customer Service team will be on hand at Tooting Leisure Centre from 8am tomorrow if you need any assistance.

*Update at 6pm. Engineers have made tremendous progress this afternoon and have started restoring gas supplies to some homes in Tooting. They have cleared large quantities of water from sections of the network,  allowing them to restore gas to some streets tonight. As soon as gas is available in your street, you’ll be visited by an engineer who’ll carry out safety checks in your home and turn your supply back on. It’s important you do not turn your gas supply back on yourself. Although we’ve removed more than 18,000 litres so far, there are still remaining pockets of water in our pipes across the affected area. We need to remove this water to enable us to restore everyone’s supplies. Our engineers will continue to pump water from these sections this evening. The aim is to restore gas supplies to the majority of homes tomorrow.

*Update at 2pm. SGN have pumped more than 7,000 litres of water from flooded gas pipes in Tooting. There’s still more water and sludge in the network, which engineers are working to clear this afternoon. Staff are at Tooting Leisure Centre if you have any questions throughout the day. If you need an electric heater or hot plate while you're without your gas supply and haven't yet got one, pop by and let them know.

*Update at 10am Monday. Gas has been turned off at the final two properties and engineers began pumping water from the flooded network last night. They will continue to pump water and clear the sludge from pipes this morning and hope to clear the water and large quantities of the sludge today, but are still identifying how much has got into the pipes and how far it’s spread. Engineers are on standby to start reconnecting gas supplies as soon as possible. The SGN team will be Tooting Leisure Centre for advice and support today and affected residents can also continue to use the showers at the leisure centre by providing proof of your address.

*Update at 10pm. Engineers are accessing the final two affected properties in Tooting to turn off the gas supplies. Engineers will begin pumping the water from flooded pipes first thing tomorrow morning. SGN have confirmed householders will receive compensation for the time they are without their gas supply. Find out more. Staff will be back at the leisure centre from 8am tomorrow if you have any questions or need any extra help while you’re without your gas supply.

* Update at 6.30pm. SGN is putting all its efforts into accessing the final 30 properties this evening to turn off gas supplies. Once this is done it will be able to start pumping the water from the flooded network.

*Update at 2.15pm. Thanks to all the residents who called SGN to help them access properties. If you do have a spare key for a neighbour’s property and you haven’t yet let them know, please call 0800 912 1717. At the same time as visiting affected homes to turn off gas supplies, other engineers are working to repair the damaged gas pipe. Once gas to all the affected properties has been turned off, SGN will be able to start removing the water that flooded the damaged network on Friday. They need to clear all the water from flooded pipes in order to reconnect supply. This is a complex operation so it's likely that you’ll be without gas for the next few days. In the meantime, affected residents can continue to use the shower facilities at Tooting Leisure Centre. You just need to provide proof of address to use the facilities. The SGN team is also still at the leisure centre for further advice and support.

* Update at 10am Sunday. There are still 350 homes where SGN have been unable to turn off the gas supply. All affected homes must be turned off before anyone's gas supply can be turned back on. Please let SGN know on 0800 912 1717 if you’ve got a key for a neighbour or friend who isn’t home. If you know someone who isn't home this weekend, please ask them to call that number so engineers can get access to their home today. Staff will be on hand at the customer centre at Tooting Leisure Centre and will also have electric heating and cooking appliances available if you need them.

* Update at 9.45pm. So far good progress has been made with 752 gas supplies turned off. Engineers will be continuing until late this evening switching off the remaining properties. The customer centre closes at 10pm but will be back at Tooting Leisure Centre at 8am to answer any questions. 

*Update at 6pm: Southern Gas Network has now turned off more than half of the affected gas supplies. Engineers will be working into the evening and early tomorrow (Sun) to get the remaining properties turned off for safety reasons. If you have received a card asking for access to your property please call the number right away and an engineer will be there as soon as possible to turn off the gas supply. Gas cannot be reintroduced to the network until all affected gas supplies are turned off. The customer service centre at Tooting Leisure Centre will be open until 10pm. Hotplates and portable heaters will be available to collect from there throughout the evening. For updates visit https://www.sgn.co.uk/news/flooded-gas-network-tooting-sw17

Residents affected by the loss of mains gas supply in the Tooting area are being advised that they can seek assistance from gas company representatives who have set up an emergency support centre in the Lola Jones Hall at Tooting Leisure Centre.

The gas company say that they will be able to provide portable electrical appliances for cooking and heating to residents who are “elderly, disabled, chronically sick or have young children or other special needs.” These can be obtained by visiting the Lola Jones Hall or by telephoning the company’s emergency hotline on 0800 912 1717.

The supply was cut early yesterday evening when contractors working on a nearby development site severed a gas main. The problem was then exacerbated by an influx of water to SGN’s pipework.

According to a statement issued by SGN: “Our engineers are working to remove the water, repair the damage and restore supplies as quickly as possible. To do this safely, we need to turn off your gas supply at the meter. We're working our way around the affected properties to turn off your supply.

“It's very important that you do not try to use gas while our engineers are dealing with this emergency. Once we've completed our repairs and it's safe to reconnect your supply, an engineer will call at your property to carry out the required checks.

“For security reasons, you should always ask to see the identification card of anyone calling at your home. All our engineers carry a laminated identity card. If you're in any doubt, please refuse entry and seek assistance from a neighbour or relative or call the telephone number on the identification card.

“We're sorry for any inconvenience this loss of supply may have caused and we'd like to reassure you that we're working hard to resolve this issue.”

The gas supply is believed to have been lost to around 1,300 properties in the area.

SGN have provided a list of the roads they understand are affected. These are as follows:

  • Maskell Road
  • Martins Way
  • Garratt Lane
  • Franche Court Road
  • Burmester Road
  • Aldrin Road
  • Hopwood Close
  • Peartree Avenue
  • St George’s Grove
  • Bramston Road
  • Barnfield Close
  • Aboyne Road
  • Huntspill Street
  • Wimbledon Road
  • Glentanner Close
  • Deeside Road
  • Strathdon Drive
  • Atkinson Morley Avenue
  • Lanesborough Way
  • Grosvenor Way  

 For the latest information people should continue to check the SGN website at https://www.sgn.co.uk/news/flooded-gas-network-tooting-sw17