Work Match gets Wandsworth people into work

Published: Monday, May 4, 2020

This week, we had a video call with Chantelle Daniel who leads the Work Match team to discuss the work Work Match has been doing during the coronavirus outbreak and how they have handled the sudden surge of people looking for jobs in Wandsworth.

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Work Match is a council-run, free service that places local residents with local businesses. The service is free for both job seekers and employers. Work Match also offers support and training to help those looking for a job to be better equipped for securing a position.

In the past five weeks, Work Match has been contacted by over 500 Wandsworth residents seeking their services. Work Match has been either finding them jobs, helping them to up-skill or offering support for those who need it during these difficult times.

Commenting on the influx of people looking for jobs during the pandemic, Chantelle Daniel said: “We are here to support those people by offering the comfort, advice and support. We are also offering a wide range of online training. [We are also] working with employers to redeploy these people into new and different roles.”

Many local businesses have also been using Work Match services to find local staff.

Chantelle Daniel said: “Local supermarkets are calling out for good, local, talented staff and Work Match has been able to support them. [Work Match] has also been helping the local NHS service by finding health care workers as well.”

Chantelle Daniel is strongly encouraging businesses in the area to contact Work Match, she said: “If you are looking for good local, talented people, please do contact us. Our service is completely free and we will be completely supportive during the whole process.”

Visit to see the latest vacancies and training opportunities exclusively for Wandsworth residents, or if you are a business looking for talented local staff.