Thank you for taking a Covid-19 PCR test

Published: Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Thank you to everyone in Wandsworth who has taken a Covid-19 PCR test after new cases of the variant first identified in South Africa were found in the borough.  

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Watch residents talk about why they think everyone should have a Covid-19 PCR test and about their experiences getting tested. To do your bit get a test today. Extra testing facilities will be open from Monday 12 to Monday 26 April.


"I think everybody should get a PCR test. No one knows if they are spreading it or not."

"Everyone in Wandsworth should book for a PCR test to protect the community, protect their family and protect their friends."

"It's very important to book for the PCR test just to make sure we are all safe."

"I'm getting tested for work, just went online - super easy."

"I think it's important that everyone should be tested."