Dog owners fined for breaching housing estate bylaws

Published: Thursday, August 19, 2021

Three dog owners have been fined by magistrates for breaching local bylaws that cover dog fouling and allowing pets to enter prohibited areas on local housing estates.

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The three owners, one of whom is a repeat offender, were all prosecuted at Lavender Hill magistrates court for contravening a series of local bylaws designed to prevent dog fouling and other dog related problems.

Dogs are prohibited from entering certain parts of housing estates such as children’s play areas and must be kept on leads in others. Owners must always clean up after their pets.

As a result of flouting these bylaws, the three owners were fined more than £3,000 and ordered to pay £1,722 in court costs and other penalties. This money does not go to the council but instead is paid to HM Treasury directly from the magistrates court.

Each of the three owners, who live respectively on the Edgecombe Hall, Argyle and Battersea Fields housing estates pleaded guilty to a number of charges.

Housing spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “These bylaws have been in place for more than two decades and were introduced at the request of estate residents fed up with dog owners showing no respect or consideration of their local environment.

“The rules are clearly explained to every housing estate resident when they accept the keys to their property.

“The bylaws are there for a reason - to keep estates safe, clean and free of dog related problems. Those who ignore these simple common-sense rules run the risk of legal action, and as happened in these three cases, this can prove to be an expensive mistake to make.”

For more information about rules relating to dog ownership visit the council’s website.

See advice videos for dog owners on the council's You Tube channel