Full fibre broadband rollout will offer residents and businesses ultrafast internet speeds

Published: Monday, December 21, 2020

Tens of thousands of households in Wandsworth can look forward to ultrafast internet speeds with the unveiling of new plans to install full fibre broadband across the borough.

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Infrastructure provider G.Network has announced it will be investing more than £105m in upgrading Wandsworth’s broadband connections - many of which still rely on copper based wiring.

In the New Year the company will begin installing brand new, state-of-the-art, contiguous full fibre broadband infrastructure throughout the borough.

It is planning to install cable stretching nearly 250 miles which will guarantee ultrafast download and upload speeds to more than 100,000 homes and businesses in Wandsworth.

And as part of that rollout the company plans to create more than 1,250 jobs with the hope that many are filled by Wandsworth residents.

The announcement has been warmly welcomed by council leader Ravi Govindia who said: “This is tremendous news for local residents and businesses, who will soon be enjoying some of the country’s fastest and most reliable broadband services. This is just one way the council is working with its partners to improve people’s connectivity.

“I know just how important this is for our residents and businesses. It will give people from all walks of life new opportunities to get on in life and is a hugely important milestone in efforts to eliminate digital poverty.”

Sasho Veselinski, G.Network CEO, also commented on the announcement. “We’re delighted to be bringing upgraded broadband connections to businesses and residents of Wandsworth. The pandemic has demonstrated that there is a strong need for full fibre connectivity across many London boroughs including Wandsworth. We look forward to working closely with the Council in 2021 and beyond.”

G.Network’s infrastructure will be made available on an ‘Open Access’ principle. This means the company will work with other broadband providers so they can serve their customers via G.Network infrastructure in future.

  • More than 30,000 households on Wandsworth housing estates already enjoy superfast internet speeds as a result of a joint council project with Community Fibre. Tenants and leaseholders in around 70 per cent of Wandsworth’s social housing stock are able to access this service.