How to own your own home

Published: Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The council’s Home Ownership team will be holding an online web chat on March 25 with information and advice on schemes to specifically help Wandsworth council tenants get on the housing ladder.   

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Tenants joining the event will be able to take part in a webchat to speak to an advisor about schemes including:   

  • Right to Buy – Buying the council home you currently live in with a discount of up to £112,300 (or £112,800 from April).  
  • Right to Part Buy – Buying an initial quarter or half share of the home you currently live in with a discount proportionate to the share you purchase.  
  • House Purchase Grant (Portable Discount) – Buying a property of your choice, on the private market anywhere in the UK or abroad, with the assistance of a means-tested grant to provide gap funding of up to £100,000 towards the purchase. Alternatively, the grant can be used to extend the UK home of a relative or used as a deposit towards a shared ownership property in the UK. 
  • Shared Ownership – Part buy, part rent a new build property within the borough (tenants can use their House Purchase Grant towards this option and will receive priority) 

You will be able to receive advice on whether you are eligible for the schemes, plus further information on how they work and how you can apply.   

Home Ownership Webchat  

March 25, 2021, 2pm-5pm  

Join at  

Alternatively, to find out further information on the schemes or if you have any other queries, email If you would like to speak to an advisor call 020 8871 6161.