Opportunity to give a little more

Published: Friday, March 12, 2021

Following the decision to freeze council tax, the council has listened to Wandsworth residents who have asked for an opportunity to donate a little bit more to help support their local community.  

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Wandsworth has the lowest average council tax in the country, but some residents have told the council that they would like the chance to do more to help others.  

The council is now considering introducing a voluntary community contribution scheme. It would pass any additional contributions on in full to a newly established independent charitable trust. 

The trust’s priorities would be determined at the start of each year and could include areas such as health, employment, open spaces, education or supporting children or older people. The trust would distribute the money to local organisations running initiatives supporting these priorities.   

People are being asked to take part in an online survey on whether they think the scheme is a good idea, if they would be likely to contribute and what they think the priorities for this year should be.  

Leader of Wandsworth Council Cllr Ravi Govindia said: “During the pandemic we have seen so many examples of local people going above and beyond to support their neighbours and their local community.  

“We believe that keeping council tax levels low is one of the best ways we can help people who are struggling financially, but we also recognise that some residents have told us that they would like to give more if they could be sure their contribution will make a real difference in their community. Please take the consultation and let us know your thoughts.”  

Comment on the proposal by taking a quick online survey. The deadline to have your say is April 23.   

Paper versions of the survey are also being distributed with council tax bills. Email policy@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk if you have any questions.