Residents living close to St George’s can have their say on plans to curb cut-through traffic

Published: Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Residents living near to St George’s Hospital are being asked to comment on plans designed to prevent their neighbourhood being used as a traffic cut-through.

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Households in Maybury Street, Carlwell Street and Aldis Street can say which of two options they prefer to prevent vehicle traffic using their streets as a short cut between Tooting High Street and Blackshaw Road.

The consultation has just over week left to run so residents are being urged to make sure they take part. The consultation closes on Friday, March 19.

The three streets are regularly used by motorists looking to avoid tailbacks on both approaches to that junction.

The choices are either to install a barrier to vehicle traffic at the junction of Maybury Street with Blackshaw Road or barriers at the junctions of both Aldis Street and Carwlwell street with Tooting High Street. A third option which residents can favour instead is to take no action at all and leave the junctions as they are.

The pros and cons of each choice are outlined on the consultation page on the council’s website.

Anyone with questions or who wishes to request a paper copy of the consultation can email