Caught on Camera in Tooting and Battersea

Published: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Caught on Camera returns to Eardley Road in Tooting and Ashley Crescent in Battersea this week with fly-tippers who think that they can get away with dumping everything from some black bags to a sofa illegally.   

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Email or call 020 8734 3032 if you recognise anyone in the video of people dumping rubbish in Eardley Road in Tooting and Ashley Crescent in Battersea. Help us catch those who ruin it for everyone else.

Most people do the right thing with their rubbish and litter, but the irresponsible few think that it’s ok to dump it illegally.

This week two residents on Eardley Road, Tooting, think they can get away with dumping their old bed on the street without anyone noticing!

And in Ashley Crescent, Battersea, one fly-tipper thinks he can get away with dumping an old sofa next to the huge ‘No fly-tipping’ sign!!!

Fortunately, they have all been caught on camera, so if you recognise them contact us asap so we can clamp down on this unacceptable behaviour.

Councillor Steffi Sutters, environment spokesperson said, 

“Thanks to everyone who has got in touch following the last episode of Caught on Camera.

“We’ve fined two people for fly-tipping in Thrale Road in the last month, so please do keep letting us know if you recognise anyone from one of our videos.

“If you haven’t yet watched the previous episode, please watch, share and help by reporting fly-tip offenders.  

“In Tooting alone, we have issued 77 over the last two months and over the last year, from 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021 we issued a total of 3,602 fines for littering and fly-tipping offences.”

Report fly-tip offenders
Remember you don’t need to see the videos to report fly-tip offenders. You can also report an incident by telling us what you saw or sending a picture in.

Tell us:

  • The circumstances, e.g. if you saw the fly-tipping, the date and time it took place and a description of any vehicles involved, plus registration number.
  • Take a picture of the incident, making sure you don’t put yourself or others at risk to do this.
  • Location: side of the road, back alleyway, railway embankment, in a river, and whether it was on private or council land.
  • The amount and type of waste, eg a few bags of rubbish, a fridge, a sofa.

Get in touch by email

Putting your rubbish out

You can also help by putting your rubbish out correctly,



If you have any questions about the campaign, and how you can get involved, please email