Alton estate regeneration will deliver new homes and new jobs

Published: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The council’s ambitious regeneration proposals for the Alton Estate in Roehampton which will see the construction of more than a thousand new homes, will also generate hundreds of new jobs, a study has shown.

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As well as the additional homes, the estate’s regeneration master plan will see new shops, a health centre, a nursery and children’s centre, playgrounds and other early years provision for young families, high quality open space and a revamped, bigger and fully modernised local library, able to cater for a wider range of community-led activities.

The planned commercial and community floorspace is expected to generate between 243 and 296 full time jobs, while the construction phases of the development are expected to generate at least an additional 242 jobs ranging from ground workers to construction management between the years 2020 and 2030.

The overall positive impact to local employment levels is likely to be boosted further with greater numbers of jobs generated for the demolition phase and also for the provision of the open space and other landscaped areas that form an integral part of the estate’s regeneration.

And to make sure it’s local people who benefit most from the new jobs, training and apprenticeship opportunities that the regeneration will deliver, the council will be setting up a Work Match scheme on the estate, similar to ones already established in Nine Elms, Wandsworth Town and on Battersea’s Winstanley estate that have successfully ‘matched’ hundreds of people with employment opportunities.

The scheme will deliver 280 new and replacement council homes to add to the more than 3,300 that already exist on the estate, leading to a net increase of more than 830 homes.

Council leader Ravi Govindia said: “This hugely ambitious regeneration scheme will deliver more than just new homes. It will re-energise Roehampton and provide state-of-the-art community facilities that will benefit everyone who lives in this part of the borough.

“It will offer our residents vastly improved living conditions while the overall scheme demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that family housing is closely aligned with play space and other really important neighbourhood amenities.

“These plans have been developed over six years with extensive consultation with the local community. People living in the area have played a central role in helping to draw up the proposals and this has helped ensure the regeneration meets their day-to-day needs.

“It is the council’s core guarantee that all residents living in the regeneration area will be able to remain part of their community. All secure council tenants are being offered a new secure tenancy and a bright, modern new home on the estate, as are all existing resident leaseholders and freeholders. This promise is vastly different and more generous than that given to residents in other regeneration schemes in London.

“Our priority above everything else is to provide sustainable, decent, high-quality homes for our residents, which is why we are committed to delivering this project and contributing over £100 million from council budgets to create this vibrant new neighbourhood.

“Wandsworth Council not only recognises the need for more housing, but among the capital’s town halls, we are almost alone in actually doing something about it – and investing our own funds to deliver these new homes.

“The council remains even more ambitious for the future of everyone who lives in Roehampton. The estate’s regeneration will offer new and better opportunities for people to train, learn new skills and pursue new careers. We want to ensure that people of all backgrounds can fulfil their ambitions and this regeneration programme will help to achieve that goal."

For more information about the regeneration please visit the council’s website.