Elderly and disabled taxicard users can travel further and make bigger savings

Published: Thursday, October 31, 2019

Residents in Wandsworth who use taxicards will be able to make big savings and take longer journeys as a result of approved changes in how the scheme operates, councillors have decided.

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From today (October 31), people in Wandsworth who use taxicards will be able to “double swipe” enabling them to take longer subsidised journeys than before.

Taxicards are used by people with disabilities and by older residents who suffer mobility issues. The scheme offers 104 subsidised journeys a year in licensed taxis and private hire vehicles.

By amending the scheme to allow “double swiping” it doubles the amount of subsidy available - allowing card holders to take longer journeys at a cheaper proportional cost to them.

Under the current “single swipe” system the user must pay the first £2.50 of any fare – with a subsidy up to £11. If the total cost exceeds £11, the card holder must pay the remainder.

This means that if the total cab fare was £22 – the user would pay the initial £2.50 – and then a further £11 – totalling £13.50.

For that same journey under the “double swipe” system, the user would be responsible for the first £5 of the fare, but the subsidy would increase to £22 – so for that same trip the total cost to the user would be just £5.

The council’s finance spokesman Cllr Rory O’Broin said: “This is great news for disabled people and those who find it difficult to use public transport who rely on their taxicards to get out and about.

“This change offers them much greater scope and flexibility when using their cards and provide them with bigger savings on longer journeys.

“It will make it much easier and cheaper for them to visit friends and relatives who live further away and who they perhaps have not been able to see as regularly as they will now be able to.”

There’s more information about the scheme and how to apply for a taxicard on the council’s website.