Tackling Air Pollution One E-Cargo Bike at a Time

Published: Friday, October 9, 2020

E-Cargo Bikes Case Study 1 - Wandsworth Parks Police

The fight for better air quality in the borough remains an important area of concern for the council and its residents.

E-Cargo bikes are one of the ways that the council has been helping reduce carbon emissions in the borough. 

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Wandsworth was one of the local authorities to bid for the money on offer from the Department for Transport, via the Energy Saving Trust. It received almost £56,000 to spend on bikes and equipment.

Two council teams, the parks police and the enforcement team, will get bikes as well as three charities, Share Nurseries, Elays Network and Waste Not Want Not Battersea. Local businesses to benefit are Battersea wine bar The Humble Grape, Putney sports shop The Crewroom, gardening and handyperson company Osman O’Connor & Co and the Putney Business Improvement District Positively Putney.

Wandsworth Council will be meeting with the recipients of the e-Cargo bikes to gain a better understanding of the impact the bikes have had on the way they conduct their business.

In the first of a series of case studies on the bikes, Parks Police Constable, Selina Hill, said: “These e-Bikes are helping us to be more efficient in our jobs and help get to certain areas more efficiently. They’re also helping us to be a bit more environmentally friendly. We want to make a difference in the change in our environment.

“The bikes are also helping us to engage with the community better because we’re more visible and are able to be waved down if they need to speak to us.”

The scheme will help the council meet its commitments to tackle climate change in Wandsworth and become a carbon-neutral organisation by 2030.