Dozens of Brighter Borough street parties will celebrate Car Free Day

Published: Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Parents and children in three dozen areas of Wandsworth will be holding parties and playing in the streets as the borough takes part in this weekend’s London Car Free Day.

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Three dozen streets are taking part in Sunday's Car Free Day

To mark the occasion, 36 roads will be closed to vehicles on Sunday so that local people can enjoy outdoor get-togethers without traffic.

With their streets closed to passing vehicles, children will be able to play safely in the road space outside their homes while mums and dads will have the chance to join in the fun and games or spend time chatting and meeting new friends.

The number of streets taking part rose significantly after the council announced it was waiving the normal charges associated with arranging a street closure and that organisers would not have to pay a penny towards the administrative and legal costs.

Transport spokesman Cllr Paul Ellis said: “Residents taking part in this Sunday’s celebrations will be able to enjoy great community events in safe outdoor space with no disturbance from passing traffic.

“We really hope everyone taking part enjoys themselves and that on a wider level Car Free Day acts as a strong encouragement to others to think about their travel habits and whether or not some of the journeys they routinely take could be done just as easily on foot or bike or by public transport.

“This is just one of a number of initiatives in our climate change programme to encourage residents to live more sustainable lives. These include walking and cycling more, joining one of our many car clubs, taking advantage of an increasing number of electric car charging points and minimising household waste by reusing and recycling more.”

The council recently approved the borough’s first “Play Streets” scheme outside Granard School in Putney, which saw dozens of children and their parents enjoying a car free playtime outside the school gates.

And proposals have been drawn up to pilot a “School Streets” initiative at five local primary schools in the coming academic year. The scheme would see the roads containing school entrances closed to traffic when pupils arrive in the mornings and leave in the afternoons – in a bid to encourage safer and healthier travel to and from school, while also helping to boost air quality levels.