More ‘School Streets’ launched

Published: Friday, September 25, 2020

Parents and pupils at more Wandsworth primary schools will be able to enjoy traffic-free drop-offs and pick-ups outside the school gates with the next phase of “School Streets about to be launched.

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Between now and the middle of October, 11 School Street schemes will be introduced across the borough which should make the journeys there and back safer and quieter, while also helping to improve air quality.

The initiative sees the roads containing school entrances closed to vehicle traffic when pupils arrive in the mornings and leave in the afternoons.

Temporary barriers are being used initially along with signs warning drivers that they cannot enter these streets placed prominently on all approaches. Over the longer-term the schemes could be enforced with cameras and/or retractable bollards.

Residents and businesses who live and work on a School Street are given access as are Blue Badge holders. Vehicles already parked there before the hours of operation come into effect can also leave without being penalised or impeded. The schemes do not operate in the school holidays or at weekends.

School Streets will come into effect at Allfarthing on Monday, September 28, while similar schemes will be unveiled at Broadwater, Sellincourt and Shaftesbury Park primaries the following Monday (October 5).

The next phase, scheduled for October 12, will see the scheme go live at Belleville Wix, Falconbrook, Granard, Honeywell, St Anselms, Sacred Heart (Battersea) and Westbridge. The council is currently working with three other schools to finalise their schemes and engineers are also now beginning to look at future potential sites, including Beatrix Potter.

The council’s education spokesman Cllr Will Sweet said: “It’s great news for children’s safety to make roads calmer, quieter and less congested outside our schools.

“Introducing School Streets should create a much safer and healthier environment for children and their parents on their journeys to and from school.”

And cabinet member for transport Cllr John Locker added: “Reducing the impact of vehicle traffic and encouraging parents and children to walk or cycle to school are key priorities for the council.

“As well as no passing traffic there will be a total reduction in vehicle idling outside school entrances, which will be a major benefit to the children. It should really improve air quality around these schools.”

School streets are already in place at Albemarle, Hotham, Our Lady of Victories, Hillbrook, Penwortham, Earlsfield, and Furzedown,