Speed enforcement pilot on Priory Lane and Wimbledon Park Road

Following discussions with London Council and the Metropolitan Police, we will be launching a pilot of speed enforcement on Wimbledon Park Road and Priory Lane. This innovative pilot aims to address speeding and road safety concerns that are often raised by residents.

The outcome of this pilot will help determine the merits for possible further roll out and hopefully help support the wider case for greater devolution of powers for local authorities to complement Police speeding enforcement activities.

Enforcement areas

These location plans show the areas in which the pilot will take place.

 Frequently asked questions

We have answered the most common questions about this pilot below.

Aren't the Police responsible for issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecuting drivers over the speed limit?

Yes, the Police remain responsible for speed enforcement through the provisions of issuing Fixed Penalty Notices or summons to court. We are piloting a civic enforcement route issuing Penalty Charge Notices.

What provisions enable you to enforce the speed limit on Wimbledon Park Road and Priory Lane?

This is reliant on Section 4(5)(a) of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003 (the 2003 Act), which allows local authorities to issue penalty charge notices for contravention of a 'prescribed order', which is defined in section 4(16) as an order made under section 6 or 9 of the 1984 Act.

Is the enforcement camera on Wimbledon Park Road and Priory Lane an approved device?

The Redflex SpeedRadar camera has UK Home Office Type Approval for enforcement of speed limits from 20mph to 140mph. There are currently over 200 operational cameras throughout the UK, Ireland and Belgium that are deployed by the Police and their partners.

Are the cameras calibrated?

The cameras are calibrated every 12 months and Calibration Certificates are available for inspection or as part of the Council’s evidence upon an appeal with the Parking adjudicator.

Why are you enforcing the speed limit?

Since the introduction of a borough-wide 20mph speed limit, we regularly receive residents’ feedback concerning speeding vehicles, therefore we are taking a proactive approach through this enforcement pilot to encourage speed compliance and ultimately road safety.

What percentage of vehicles exceed the speed limits on Wimbledon Park Road and Priory Lane?

Our latest traffic survey for Wimbledon Park Road indicates that 52% of vehicles exceed 20mph.

What do you do with the money received from fines?

Income from traffic enforcement is ringfenced for transport-related projects and is reinvested into the transport infrastructure, for example highway maintenance that supports the community at large and concessionary travel which offers free bus and tube travel for elderly and disabled residents.

Will you be able to issue points against driving licenses?

No, we do not have the authority to issue points on driving licenses.

Do you offer a Speed Awareness Course instead of a fine?

Not at the current time.

If I receive a Penalty Charge Notice for speeding, will my details be shared with the Police?

No, your details will not be shared.

Can the Police request photographic evidence captured by the Council?

Yes, if we are requested to provide evidence in relation to a criminal investigation.

Can I be processed by both the Police and the Council for the same offence?

No, criminal offence is prioritised over civil offence.