Frequently asked questions about street parties

This page lists a number of frequently asked questions about organising and hosting a street party.

Do I need an alcohol licence?

An alcohol licence is only required if alcohol is sold. You do not need a licence to share drinks with your neighbours at a private party. If you want to sell alcohol, you need a Temporary Event Notice. It will cost £21.

Do I need an entertainment licence to play music?

You can play live or recorded music. You do not need a licence, if

  • Your street party is a private party for residents
  • Music is not advertised in advance to attract people
  • You are not making money.

You will be responsible to ensure that music is kept to a reasonable level. Any additional lighting that the party uses must not be run off of the street lighting electricity supply.

Do I need a permit to serve food?

No, you do not need a licence to sell food at a private party; unless you want to only sell hot food and drink after 11pm.

If you use barbeques, they must be placed and used on private forecourts and gardens.

Find out about food safety.

Do I need permission to have a tombola/raffle?

Probably not. If the tombola/raffle tickets are sold on the day and the prizes are not worth more than £500 in total then it will be exempt form gambling regulations. However, if tickets are sold in advance, you will need a lottery registration and should email

Any proceeds from the tombola or raffle must go to a good cause such as charity or to cover the cost of your party.

Do I need to clean up afterwards?

Yes, you will need to clear up after your party. Let people know in advance what time the party will finish and set aside space for bin bags and recycling. You are responsible for the clearance of litter and residue from the party.

Do I need insurance cover?

In most cases you do not need insurance cover for a street party, but you should plan a safe event and review the risks involved. If we suggest or you think that insurance is a good idea you can visit Streets Alive or the Big Lunch for further advice.

Do I need to carry out a risk assessment?

A formal assessment is not required. However, you should think about minimising any risks from electricity, accident, burns, damage, rain, breakages and so on. You may also want to consider a back up plan in case things go wrong e.g. What would you do if there was bad weather? Ensure that an adult is always in change of a barbeque, you can use plastic cups instead of glasses etc.

You will be responsible for the safety of the event. Agree in advance that everyone should take responsibility for themselves and watch out for each other, especially children. Note that bonfires must not be held on any part of the road including greens.

Apply to hold a street party

Apply to hold a street party