Sacred Heart Primary School Street Scheme

What is a School Street?

A School Street is designed to reduce the number of vehicles around the school, providing a safer environment for children travelling to and from school.

The council believes that the School Street would:

  • Reduce congestion and vehicles travelling through the School Street
  • Reduce pollution around the school entrance with fewer engines idling
  • Encourage more walking, cycling and active journeys from pupils and parents/carers
  • Result in less anti-social behaviour from inconsiderate parking and dangerous manoeuvres
  • Create a calmer, safer and cleaner environment

We have received complaints regarding inconsiderate parking and safety at school opening and closing times from both parents and residents.

What are the changes introduced?

A School Street will be in operation from 12 October 2020 on Cabul Road between Wayford Street and Rowenna Crescent and on Este Road at the end T junction to the school. 

The hours of operation are as follows: Monday to Friday 8.30 to 9.30am and 3 to 4pm, term time only. 

Method: Signs will warn drivers of the days and times when the School Street and enforced with volunteers and temporary barriers. Shared ANPR cameras planned as a permanent solution in future. 

View a map of the proposed changes (pdf)

Please visit the consultation page to make comments on the proposals. These pages will go live on the implementation dates for each school and residents in the local area will receive a notification leading up to the consultation dates.