Short-term changes to recycling collections

We have experienced a significant increase in recycling material produced by households during the pandemic. 

We want you to recycle as much as you can but we understand that your household may be producing more recycling than can be accommodated in your usual provision of recycling sacks.

Delays to sack deliveries

The scheduled delivery of council provided recycling sacks is being rolled out across the borough but unfortunately this service is experiencing some delays due to the ongoing resource challenges faced by our service provider.

How to present your recycling for collection

We are advising residents that they can put recycling out for collection in any clear sack. In addition to this, we will be instructing collection crews to collect bulky cardboard that is not in a clear sack if it is presented for collection flattened, dry and stacked.

Please avoid leaving cardboard for extended periods in the rain, it will not be possible to collect it if it is too wet.