Health and Wellbeing Board members

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The Health and Wellbeing Board has been appointed under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to shape and guide the development of health and social care services for Wandsworth residents. 


The board brings together representatives from the Council, NHS Wandsworth, the local Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Local Healthwatch organisation:

  • Councillor Melanie Hampton (Chairwoman), Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health
  • Mr Stephen Hickey (Vice-Chairman), NHS Wandsworth
  • Councillor Will Sweet, Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services
  • Councillor Ian Lewer, Majority Party representative of the Adult Care and Health OSC
  • Councillor Annamarie Critchard, Minority Party representative of the Adult Care and Health OSC
  • Councillor Graeme Henderson, Minority Party representative
  • Mr Paul Martin, Chief Executive
  • Mrs Liz Bruce, Director of Adult Social Care and Public Health
  • Mr John Johnson, Director of Children's Services
  • Mr Shannon Katiyo, Acting Director of Public Health
  • Dr Nicola Jones, Clinical Lead and Chair, Wandsworth CCG
  • Dr Nicola Williams, GP Battersea Locality
  • Dr Jonathan Chappell, GP Battersea Locality
  • Dr Mike Lane, GP Wandle Locality
  • Dr Waqaar Shah, GP Wandle Locality
  • Dr Rumant Grewal, GP West Wandsworth Locality
  •  Dr Kieron Earney GP West Wandsworth Locality
  • Mr James Blythe, Managing Director, CCG
  • Mr Josh Potter, Director of Commissioning, CCG
  • (to be confirmed), Wandsworth Healthwatch    
  • (to be confirmed), NHS England Representative