Burntwood Lane walking and cycling corridor

We are developing a series of transport schemes in the vicinity of the Springfield Hospital site to improve the walking and cycling environment for residents of the new site, as well as for existing residents. Burntwood Lane is one such scheme.

We have compiled some frequently asked questions about the scheme and consultation process.

About the Springfield Hospital site

The Springfield Hospital site is a major development in the borough. The new site will include replacement mental health facilities, 839 new homes, a new primary school and 32 acre public park. You can view a video produced by the South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust explaining the plans for the site and read more information from the developers.

As part of the planning permission for the development, we are improving the transport provision in the vicinity of the site.

Aim of the Burntwood Lane scheme

The overarching aim for the scheme, which would improve the setting and connectivity of the Springfield site, is for more trips to be undertaken to, from and within Wandsworth by walking and cycling, as both standalone trips and as part of longer trips involving public transport.

The scheme has the following objectives:

  • Improve road safety by reducing speed and the number and severity of collisions
  • Improve the quality of existing cycle facilities and provide new facilities where possible
  • Improve pedestrian priority and accessibility, including making it easier to cross the road and access to schools

TfL's Healthy Streets Assessment will be used to ensure opportunities are identified to make the streets in the vicinity of Springfield Hospital Development even more appealing, healthy and inclusive places. View the Healthy Streets Indicator scores of the existing layout versus the proposed layout as at August 2022.

London Cycling Design Standards and the Department for Transport’s Cycle Infrastructure Design note (LTN/120) will be used for the design to support the aspiration for cycling infrastructure that is safe, comfortable, direct, coherent, attractive and adaptable. London’s Cycle Quality Criteria (CQC) has been used to assess whether cyclists need to be segregated from general traffic, or if traffic speeds and volumes can be reduced to acceptable levels to allow cyclists to travel on the carriageway. View the CQC assessment of Burntwood Lane.


Key dates and actions for the Burntwood Lane scheme
Date Action
June 2020

The June 2020 Strategic Planning and Transportation Overview and Scrutiny Committee approves the objectives for the scheme and for the preferred option of a bi-directional cycle route along the length of Burntwood Lane with tie-ins to Garratt Lane and Trinity Road at either end to be developed further.

July 2022

Two detailed designs are created for a bi-directional cycle route along Burntwood Lane:

a) a cycle lane on both sides of the road, and
b) a two-way cycle track on the south-eastern side of Burntwood Road 

August 2022

A working group of Council officers review and further scrutinise the two detailed designs

Local active travel groups and ward councillors are informed of the scheme and of the opportunities for collaboration

November 2022

A paper is taken to the November 2022 Transport Committee recommending that the detailed designs for this scheme are further developed and finalised through community participation

The local community are consulted on the designs so far developed for the scheme and invited to engagement events

January and February 2023

Responses to the engagement events and consultation are analysed.

We have compiled some frequently asked questions about the consultation.

The process for this scheme is dynamic and may be amended and added to as the scheme progresses, and is subject to committee approval.

How you can contribute

Opportunities to input into the design can be identified through the timeline above.

To sign up to the email list to hear about engagement opportunities and updates, contact transportation@wandsworth.gov.uk.