Small Business Rate Relief


This relief is only available to ratepayers who apply to Wandsworth Council and who occupy either:

  • One property, or
  • One main property and other additional properties providing those additional properties each have a rateable value which does not exceed £2,899.

Rateable value of property

Relief will be applicable if the rateable value of your main property is below £51,000, and secondary properties (in England) have an individual rateable value of below £2,900, or are empty, and the total combined rateable values of all occupied property is below £28,000. Relief is only applicable to occupied properties where the ratepayer is not entitled to mandatory relief as a charity.

Rate relief for eligible businesses

Eligible businesses with rateable values of below £12,000 receive 100% rate relief on their liability. This relief decreases on a sliding scale of 1% for every £30 of rateable value over £12,000, up to £15,000.

Eligible businesses with rateable values of between £15,001 and £50,999 will have their liability calculated using the small business multiplier.

  • The Small Business Rate multiplier is 49.1p (48.0p for 2018/19)
  • The Standard Rate multiplier is 50.4p (49.3p for 2018/19)

Small businesses already receiving relief will be able to continue to receive it without reapplying for it following the 2017 revaluation (or subsequent revaluations) provided that they remain eligible for it.

Change in circumstance

The circumstances in which eligible businesses receiving relief are required to notify the Council of a change are:

  • Where the rateable value of any property you occupy in another council area increases. Your notification must be made to us in writing.
  • Should you occupy any property, which is not mentioned, on your previous application for relief, notification should be made by way of a new application to the Council.

If your change in circumstances is such that you are no longer eligible for the relief, entitlement will end from the date of change.

Application forms

Application forms with guidance notes and the change of circumstance form are available.

These forms can be downloaded and on completion returned to the address shown on the form.

Contact the Business Rate Service

Should you have any queries regarding these changes, please contact the Business Rate Service between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.