Businesses moving in or out of Wandsworth

If you are changing your business address you can complete the online forms. New accounts for your old and/or new premises will be sent to you.

Moving into Wandsworth 

This form asks for emergency out of hours contact information for your business. We will contact this person if the alarm in your property has been activated and needs to be switched off.

You don't have to enter any emergency contacts but if you do you must make sure you gain consent if you list people other than yourself. This information can be provided or corrected at a later date via the alarm registration form.

We have powers to disconnect alarms that cause a nuisance and recover costs from the owner.

You will need

Information you will need to provide:

  • Business details (trading name, registered number, address)
  • Property purchase details/property rental details
  • Alarm registration and emergency contacts

Moving out of Wandsworth

Complete this form if you are changing your business address.

You will need 

Information you will need to provide:

  • Business rates account number
  • Business rates account name 

Let us know your business is moving out of Wandsworth

You can also download and print a form to tell us you are: 

When you have completed it, please return it to us at:

Wandsworth Business Rate Service
PO Box 65993
SW18 9LB