Multiple dog walking licences

From 1 April 2024, you will need a licence if you are:

  • A professional dog walker wishing to use Wandsworth parks and open spaces
  • A local resident who owns and walks more than four dogs in public spaces in Wandsworth

Licences only cover dog walking in areas where dogs are allowed. There are some parks and open spaces in the borough where dogs are not permitted.

Apply for a licence

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Licence requirements

The number of dogs that an individual can walk at any one time in Wandsworth’s parks and open spaces is limited to four by Public Space Protection Dog Control Orders

In order to walk more than four, up to a maximum of six, dogs you will need a licence.

Scheme changes

Since 2020 the multiple dog walking licence scheme allowed licence holders to walk up to eight dogs at any one time.

A revised licence scheme comes into effect on 1 April 2024. Important changes from the original scheme are:

  • The maximum number of dogs that may be walked at any one time by an individual licence holder is reduced to six
  • All professional dog walkers wishing to carry out their services in Wandsworth parks and open spaces must purchase an annual professional dog walker licence
  • Once you have your licence you must attach it to the lanyard (provided) which you must wear, to clearly display the licence, when you are carrying out your dog walking activities